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23 November 2009 @ 02:48 pm
 Summary: There are some things that don't have to be said.

Edward was what Roy would call, innocently tempting. Laying there on the bed, blonde hair tangled against the pillows, legs spread slightly, giving just a hint of what he was doing in this bed. He knew his lover was no innocent virgin though, as much as he looked like it. He knew that the blonde hair was so silky it would slide through your fingers without tangling, just as he knew exactly what Edward was doing here and now in this moment.

It had been over a month since they had seen each other, almost long enough that it seemed like years ago, and Roy knew that he would be sure to get something pleasurable out of this night.

Ed licked his chapped lips as he looked up at his lover, opening his golden eyes so he could see the older man. He hadn't intended to get into bed naked after his shower, but he had been so tired. And then he had heard Roy walk in, and his body had reacted without telling him what it wanted. Truthfully, he was annoyed at it.

He enjoyed his lover very much, but sometimes he was too tired for their times together, the older man often times got rough. (But, Edward reminded himself, that was because he said he liked it rough).

He closed his eyes again and murmured, "I missed you."

Roy knelt above his lover, laughing softly. "Good. I missed you too."

And kissed him, softly, gently. It was an aching kiss, one that promised a sweetness that was normally absent in their affair.

Their secret affair.

Of course, it was more thrilling being a secret and all, and he didn't exactly want to give up that secret just yet, and at the same time he wanted to be able to go out in public with Roy, be able to show that they cared for each other.

He would never call it love, he didn't think he could. Not until he restored his brother's body at least. No, his brother would always be first in his heart.

However…maybe Roy could become second if he stuck around long enough.

Roy felt the arms loop around his neck and tug him down, heard the quiet murmur of the voice in his ear, asking him for gentle this night, and he knew refusing his lover would be impossible.

He didn't want to give this boy up – not yet. He'd stay by him until the younger man decided to leave.

He wouldn't hold the man back at all, he would let this young man do as he wished. Edward had always been free.

He wanted him. He wanted to keep him.

Drawing back, their eyes told each other what could not be breathed aloud.

And as their voices faded as they slept, even then they knew that there was something enticing about their future.