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21 November 2009 @ 02:46 pm
 Summary: Foods not the only good thing. [pg, I promise]

Edward stared at the dinner on the table. His mouth watered. He was starving, and he knew Mustang had to be as well.

And Al had cooked them dinner.

He was buttering them up for something. He knew it.

Alphonse seemed to sense what he was thinking.

"Brother, only you would do something like that."

Ed huffed and stomped out of the kitchen to wait for his lover to return home.

His lover. It tasted strange on his lips, unique. He'd never have thought it'd be Mustang. Not the man who looked at him as if he were a nuisance, not the man who sent him false leads and made him wreck havoc throughout the country.

But it was the same man who embraced him at night, who held him when his tears wouldn't dry, and when his heart was in turmoil.

But he was also his commanding officer and a Colonel, a man sharp of wit with an ethereal grace and a presence that made you want to follow him, give your life for him.

Ed knew that he might love this man. He didn't know if Roy loved him, but almost hoped that he might. He didn't think that any other person could understand him as well as that man.

And that look. That single look Mustang gave him when he had him naked and spread beneath his larger body, the look that worshipped him.

Edward let his head drift up as the door opened. His lover was still Colonel Mustang and not Roy, he wasn't Roy until Edward kissed him. And kissed him.

"Did you miss me?" Roy teased Ed.

Ed pressed his face to the Colonel's shoulder and heaved in a breath.

"Did your brother cook?"

"Mhmm." Ed mumbled into Roy's chest.

"It smells good."

"But," Ed looked at him, a devilish look in his eyes, "you smell much more appetizing."

Roy couldn't help but laugh.