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13 October 2009 @ 02:36 pm
Crime of a Guilty Love  
Authors note: I despise song-fics, however, I love this song…but I'm making it into a nice actual fiction – just one chapter. Song called Guilty Beauty Love by Ouran High School Host Club

What a crime, such a beautiful crime

That God would make a star as bright as I

And I know it's a disgrace to admire this perfect face

Reflected in your eyes

So it's right, that I suffer tonight

All the pain of all the passion inside

What my heart cannot deny what I'm feeling inside

That makes me long for you

Guilty, Beauty, Love

It was a crime, though he didn't particularly believe in a god, and a certain blond subordinate continually reinforced this every time he visited the man's office. Every time Edward stepped into his office, he could not help but admire Edwards golden hair, his sparking eyes and strong personality. Couldn't resist teasing him, and perhaps, flirting with him. For every moment Edward would spend in his office, the temptation became greater. Now, more and more often he stalled the young alchemist in hopes that perhaps he would catch the hint. Mustang's teasing took on the subtle edge of flirting, with just enough innuendo not to be overtly obvious, yet enough to make color rise into Ed's cheeks before he would flee the office slamming the door behind him. This caused unending worry for Alphonse when his brother came home in a snit, all wrapped up in what his commander had said to him today. Then, there were his subordinates who couldn't figure out the truth behind Edward's moods and Colonel's unending annoyance. When Mustang went home at night, he would feel the pain of the passion he had for his youngest subordinate – the illegal fraternization with someone fourteen years his junior, and not only that, a trusted Alchemist in the military. After an encounter, Edward would storm off on his mission for days at a time – up to a month – before returning and repeating the experience. No matter the orders, Edward would not obey. Mustang would tire of it, he hoped, eventually.

It was all Edward could do to keep ahead of the game, stall Mustang from finding out the truth and depth of his feelings; the confusing tangle of emotions that prodded him to act, to give into Mustangs flirting and find out what all the buzz was about. He knew well enough Mustang was a womanizer and that he himself was hot-headed. He couldn't help it, Mustang liked to rile him up, push him into a temper – perhaps to hide his own feelings? But no, that was impossible, he would only want a few nights fling. Eventually, the game became more deadly when Mustang invited him over, implying that he was asking for Edward's trust.

Take my hand, take the key

You can open the door

Take a step, take a chance

Now you'll find there's so much more

There's a world you've dreamed of and if you'll allow

Let me escort you there

Edward felt himself tremble in his superiors foyer, where he waited as Mustang hung his jacket and brought him to the family room where – with a snap – he lit the fireplace and settled onto the couch. He watched Ed with diligence, opening his palm face up, offering much more than a truce. He offered a chance, and Edward could run with his emotions and take it, or leave it. But there was only once choice and he knew that it was the one he would pick. His hand shook as he placed it in Mustang's larger one. Gently the older man wrapped his own hand around the smaller one and whispered,

"Let me show you," and pressed himself to his knees in front of the young man. Long lashes fanned across Mustang's cheeks as he gazed up at the young alchemist above him. His hand still trembled and he raised his other to stabilize himself on the couch.

I kneel before you, kiss your hand to

Tell you I'm a lucky guy

Look back and know that I can heal your tired heart

Soft lips brushed across knuckles, fanning warm breath across them, the gentleness surprising Edward. On his knees, Mustang looked docile and humble, and he as much admitted it, that he was bowed to Edward, so amazed with him. And he says, "I hope that I can help you…guide you, save you, and catch you when you fall," the sentiments rang heavily in the air and Ed's whispered breath was sharp against the air when he breathed in. "Trust me."

What a crime, such a breath-taking crime

Everything I touch can't help but fall in love

In this cruel romantic game, there's no way that you're to blame

For your stolen heart

So I say that the price I must pay

Is to offer up my heart forever

Just don't take away your touch 'cause it means so much

To feel your hand in mine

Guilty, Beauty, Love

He was afraid he forced Edward into this relationship, and he knew that Edward wasn't to blame for this – that he had his heart stolen, but he would gladly give his young lover his. An equivalent exchange. A heart for a heart. He enjoyed every touch between them, every whispered 'I love you'. Every moment that was spent talking, debating, even arguing. Edward had no fault in this, he was just part of his life as sure as the next day. He often begged Edward when they argued not to leave him, he couldn't bear the thought of leaving his beloved person. "My heart is yours," he'd told Fullmetal more than once, "and I would love yours". Ed would give him a kiss and the silent reply was as good as anything he could hope to get from his love.

In the sky, you and I

Are floating in space

I the moon, you the sun

Locked in beautiful embrace

Heavenly bodies come together so blindingly bright

They chase away the night

He was a constant presence, as sure as the sun rising the next day – with golden hair and eyes to match and when that hair was tangled and spread across his pillows, face flushed in passion, Roy knew there was no place he'd rather be, knew that there would never be another for him, that this forming passion would never die out until the day they died. Edward said if he was the sun, Roy was the moon, cold but luminescent, always guiding him to the place he wanted to be. Through the torturous nights of harrowing nightmares, they guided each other until the day spilled across the blankets and lit upon them.

What I bring you, I hope delights you

A bouquet of passion, Cutie Lady

Be sure that here with me you'll always save the day

Every moment he spent with him was one he wanted to savor, it always made the day brighter – more so when he'd been gone on a long mission or two at a time and when he came back, he was wrapped in comforting arms. But the moment the words cute, or lady, leave Mustang's mouth he'd be sure to have a bruise in the morning, and his subordinates would just sigh with long suffering patience for their commander who'd fallen in love. Alphonse would laugh and scold Edward before once again reprimanding Roy for making Edward lose his temper, and the delight shared was elegant and everlasting.

What a crime, such a wonderful crime

That God would choose to make such lips as mine

It was wrong but all the same, I invited and you came

Into this dream with me

So my price is to gaze in your eyes

And to feel more love than I can contain

Even so, it's fair to say, I've still found a way

To cast my spell on you

Guilty, Beauty, Heart

For years, we longed, but couldn't have – waiting, waiting for the moment when his lips would touch his. When their bodies would wrap about and become like angels themselves. When every hope, desire and dream came true – when dreams were shared, when he invited him into his home, and into his heart. Lips made so kissable, eyes so vibrant and lovely, Roy couldn't express his passion in great depth because it was such a deep spell.

What a crime! To have a subordinate and a man as his lover, and a teenager at that, breaking the military laws to obtain the one thing he ached for. Roy always said he forced Edward who would deny it with all his heart, and say, "We're both guilty, but it's the beauty of it that connects our hearts," and Roy could say nothing, but agree with this, for their hearts were connected and it was beautiful and blooming, and though they were guilty, it wouldn't stop them from committing this crime, this terribly wonderful passionate crime.