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28 February 2013 @ 11:54 am
Oneshot Listing  
Oneshots [Roy/Ed]

Snakes, Rivers, and Kisses - Roy/Ed - PG-13 -
Riza Hawkeye thinks the men in her command should have some bonding time. So Roy, his men and Edward decide to go on a camping trip. That’s totally going to end well. Really.

Tonight -Roy/Ed - NC-17 -

To express love in the most carnal of ways.

Forgiveness - Roy/Ed - Pg-13 -
Edward hates October, hates it, hates it, hates it. It is the month of blood.

Struggle [Halo] Roy/Ed - PG-13 -
These chains of guilt, held tightly in his hands, when their grip slackened, when they fell loose and tangled about his feet, he could see that this guilt was only a small part of the human struggle.

Story Time - Roy/Ed - PG -
Ed is not impressed. Roy is amused.

Currently Roy/Ed - PG-13 -
Why was he here? And what did it mean for them? Ed didn't know and he wasn't sure he wanted to find out.

Always - Roy/Ed - PG-13 -
Really, how did Fullmetal get them into these messes?

Rise & Fall - Roy/Ed - PG -
What goes up, most come down. It is the law of gravity.

Arrangement - Roy/Ed, implied Roy/Riza PG-13 -
A moment of insecurity.

Falling Illusion - Roy/Ed - R -
Everything has been and always will be an illusion, and so he gave up everything to set all the wrongs right. And whatever was left, well, then he’d see.

Box of Memories - Roy/Ed - PG -
Seventy-five years is a long time, things are often forgotten, but the past is often reincarnated in the future, and all from a single dusty box.

And The Bells Chime - Roy/Ed - NC-17 -
It's the Christmas season and Edward's got some angst, Mustang's determined to solve it, and oh, a party?

The Sweet Taste of Time - Roy/Ed - R? -
What if Trisha Elric had not died after getting sick? What if the letters the brothers sent did get to Mustang and he still came? This is the aftermath.

Warm - Roy/Ed - PG -
Mornings were the best times.

Having Fun - Roy/Ed PG -
Days may be routine, but they're never boring either, in fact, he more than loves them.

Laugh - Roy/Ed - PG -
It had become a game to them, but it was one they both enjoyed.

Enticing - Roy/Ed - R -
There are some things that don't have to be said.

Appetizing - Roy/Ed - PG -
Foods not the only good thing

Truth - Roy/Ed - R -
Equivalent exchange was the law they lived by. However, this was natural, and sometimes, nature was much more dangerous than their alchemy. Once again, Edward will find hope within the despair of the world as well as a surprise he never expected.

Exchange of Happiness & Bittersweetnes - Roy/Ed - PG-13 -
Edward does some reflecting on his fate as well as Roy's, Winry's and Al's as well as Mustang's team.

Crime of a Guilty Love - Roy/Ed - PG - ????

Conclusion of Truth - Roy/Ed - NC-17 -
Alphonse's body is retrieved from the Gate, and Father has been subdued. Everything is perfect, and the brother's believe that nothing can affect this new world of theirs. However, it seems fate has decided to step in again. Things are never that easy.


Black Dress - Ed/Winry - G -
Stains are hard to get out


Pillar – Roy/Riza – G/PG –
Riza thinks about things at the shooting range and Edward makes a special appearance.


Halloween Sweet - Gen Roy & Ed - PG -

Ed hates Halloween. Roy invites him to his library. They find having company isn't a bad thing.

Halloween Sweet II - Roy & Ed - PG -
Ed still hates Halloween.

The Curtain Opens random - PG-R
Random, compiled drabbles

Confused - Roy - PG -
Colonel Roy Mustang was never confused.

Past Times - Hughes/Gracia & Roy/Gracia - PG -
He would have married her. He really would have.

Hand - Ed - G -
Recklessness was gone and he was free.

Blanket - Roy, Ed (parental) - PG -
Ed realizes that there is someone there for him.