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28 October 2012 @ 02:34 pm
Halloween Sweet II  
Title: Halloween Sweet II
Rating: PG
Spoilers: NONE YAY!
Warnings: Fluff, comedy at Ed's expense and terrified children
Pairings: Roy & Ed, hinted Al/Mei
Summary: Ed still hates Halloween.
Notes: Poor Ed, I abused him a bit in this. fyi, this is a sequel to a fic I wrote two years ago.

Edward sighed in contentment as he turned around in his new apartment. He was in a nice peaceful neighborhood where he could get all his work done away from the middle of the busy city. His room contained a (rather large) fireplace he planned to enjoy this evening. In the corners were several heavy bookshelves full of (alchemy) books. The area that connected the kitchen and the living room held a (big) oak dining table surround with (weak looking) chairs. He had picked up the furniture at antique stores and was quite delighted with the look he had set up in his apartment. The walls were a nice toned down neutral color spoke of comfort and warmth. He had several freestanding lamps (one had a shade slightly skewed), a coffee table (currently piled up with papers) and a desk with a chair on an opposite wall. The desk ironically had nothing in or on it. Ed wondered if it’d make good kindling for his fireplace.

And speaking of fireplace, Ed thought to himself, I think I’ll light mine and enjoy a nice evening reading in front of it.

A little while (and one desk later) he had a nice crackling fire that lit up the room. He smiled and stretched his body in front of it, warming himself for a moment before heading to his nice chair.

He leaned back in the large armchair in the room and propped his feet up on the stool and pulled out his book and began to read. He’d gone about an hour or so when there was a knock on his door.

He reluctantly stood up and opened his door. He blinked when he didn’t see anybody at his door but then there was,


His fingers gripped the doorframe and he looked down at the three, wait, no, four twerps who were holding up oversized pillowcases.

“Sorry,” he told them not sorry in the least, “I’m out of candy.”

The four children dropped their arms and sullenly walked away. Ed closed the door with a sharp bang, and took a breath in through his nose to relieve his aggravation with the blasted holiday.

Forty-three minutes later there was another knock on his door. Again as soon as he saw the children on the other side of the door he slammed it closed.

“I’m already up,” he muttered to himself, “I might as well make myself some dinner.”

In the kitchen Ed rummaged through his icebox looking for something tasty to eat. A few minutes later he found some steak that made his mouth water. In another cabinet he pulled out a pan and set it on the stove to heat. As he was making a salad there was a

Knock knock. Knock knock.

He ignored it for a few minutes and then

Ding dong ding dong ding dong

With gritted teeth he went and answered his door.

Two kids looked up at him petulantly and said,

“Trick-or-treat!” and “what took you so long to answer the door?”

“No. Candy.” And he shut the door in their faces to angry mumbles.

Sighing he walked back into his kitchen where he continued work on his salad. He got all the leaves chopped up, the boiled egg, leftover bacon, and some other weird stuff Al said was good and dressing.

He didn’t really like salads that much but he really didn’t have anything else to eat.

He’d checked on the steak and left it simmering when there was something that distinctly sounded like shuffling outside his front door.

Before the bell or a tiny hand could knock on his door he opened it.

Several kids looked up surprised, then fearful as they took in his menacing face. The girl gave an abbreviated scream before taking off down the steps and into her waiting mother’s arms. The boy (probably the girl’s older brother) glared at him and stomped down the steps.

Their mother frowned at him and turned away, saying something to her children and hustling them away.

Ed’s mouth twitched downwards as he moved back into the kitchen. His phone rang a few minutes later and his brother’s voice came down the line,

“Happy –”

“You say that word Al, and I’m going to disown you.”

“Oh, so you’re already in a bad mood. I’m guessing kids have already visited you?”

“What do you think?”

“You did move into a family neighborhood!”

“What? Why didn’t you tell me?”

Because Brother, you wouldn’t listen to me. So it’s not really my fault. Mei and I can get you to babysit for us then. Besides, it’ll do you good.”


“Babysit. All right, I was just calling to say hello. Now I’ve got some things to attend to myself. Have a wonderful evening brother.”

Ed held the phone in his hand listening to the dial tone.

“…babysit?!” Ed smashed the phone back into the cradle and turned to go into the kitchen when there was the infuriating knock knock knock on his door.

Furious he flung it open and shouted at the kids standing there, “GO AWAY. I have no candy for you!”

The terrified children fled from his door in a great pack and Ed sighed in relief which ended with a yelp as he saw his kitchen was filled with smoke.

He put out the flames easily but found that his steak was burned beyond recognition. His irritation level went up another level.

Ed took in a deep breath and tried to calm himself as he searched for another piece of meat but all he found were a couple pieces of salmon. He supposed they’d have to do for the moment.

He was about to put one in the pan when there was a short knock on the door.

Ed slammed the door open and started to shout, “GET –” but was halted when it was no child on his “stoop” but Roy Mustang.

Roy raised his eyebrow and held up a bottle of wine. “I brought a gift.”

“…okay. You can come on in.”

“Have a rough night?” the man questioned as he saw some smoke still drifting in the air.

“Yes. Would you like salmon? I’m afraid the steak got burnt.”


Ed short a glare over his shoulder.

Roy laughed, “You still hate this holiday as much as you did three years ago, don’t you?”

Ed muttered a curse and turned to face Roy, “If you’re going to mock me, give me the wine and get out.”

“I wasn’t planning on mocking you per say,” he said as he leaned down and kissed Ed, “but I was planning on something else.”

Ed grinned.