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28 June 2011 @ 01:33 am
Multichapter Fics  

Multichapter fics


Legend!verse - Roy/Ed - NC-17 -
A Fullmetal Alchemist series that picks up two years after the manga ends. In this Ed somehow manages to fall into Roy's clutches (again) and from there a series of events occur, from the lost city of El Dorado, to angels and to witchcraft.

Daring [untitled verse] - Trisha Elric, Ed, Al - G -
Young Edward's daring and Trisha's patience. For amethyst_koneko

Last Series - Roy/Ed, Ed/Winry PG-13 -
One last mission, one last moment.

OAWR Series:

Once Again We Repeat - Roy/Ed - NC-17 -
With an effective (and kind) Fuhrer in charge, things have settled down until Edward and his brother bring problems to Mustang's door. Mustang and co. now have to deal with one sinister plot, arising romances and a bunch of humor. Oh, and Maes Hughes too.

Mission: Out of Bounds - Roy/Ed - NC-17 -
An assigned mission. One Edward Elric plus one Roy Mustang equals mission disaster? Maybe. Probably. Definitely. Most definitely. And, is that a ring? [This is a spin-off of Once Again We Repeat]

Once, Twice and a Third Time - Roy/Ed - PG-13 -
A look into the future of Roy/Ed from OAWR and MOB. (can be a standalone)

Big Bangs

To Be Great (or to Fall in Love) - Roy/Ed - R/NC-17 -
Although it has it's challenges, to fall in love is one of the greatest pleasures in life.

Stray - Roy/Ed - NC-17 -
What if the homunculus never happened and Ed's search for the Philosophers Stone is successful? What if he discovers truths that change everything? What if a fling with Roy Mustang becomes much more than what it started as - then what happens? Ed's fate - his destiny - lies in his own hands, what will he do with it? Will his choices give him his happy ending or will they bring unimaginable sadness?

Re:dex (Redux) - Roy/Ed R -
Edward who achieved his perfect ending, a mother somehow brought to life by his father - or the gate?, a restored brother, a restored body, and a recovered adoptive father. Yeah, and there's someone who wants his research, bad enough that he's killed before. So, he's got to defeat the bad guy (again) but no saving the world is required (thankfully). That can't be hard....can it? Well, apparently it can when you've got a love interest with the name of Roy Mustang.


Conclusion of Truth - Roy/Ed - R

Alphonse's body is retrieved from the Gate, and Father has been subdued. Everything is perfect, and the brother's believe that nothing can affect this new world of theirs. However, it seems fate has decided to step in again. Things are never that easy.

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