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06 February 2011 @ 10:50 am
fic: currently  

Author:  meredavey
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers: None. Just...Ed being ed. 
Warnings: kissing, uh, Ed-speak. and a bit of angst in the middle. 
Pairings: Roy/Ed
Summary: Why was he here? And what did it mean for them? Ed didn't know and he wasn't sure he wanted to find out.
Notes: Prompt: delirious…uhhh…it’s weird. That’s all. I feel like it hasn't ended. *mutters*

“Sorry,” Ed muttered to the woman he bumped into on the street. She gave his arm a light touch and simply said to be more careful. But that was Risembool for you.

Ed dug the heel of his hand into his head and frowned. Headaches were a normal part of his day, in fact, he thought less of them, it didn’t mean he was sick, just stressed or irritated usually.

But this one…

This one was a whole different can of worms. And he wasn’t sure that he wanted to open that can up.

Because if he was sick, that would be bad news. Very bad news.

If he was sick, his brother wouldn’t let him leave the bed, in fact he’d force him to stay in it until he got better. And as much as he loved his baby brother he didn’t relish the thought of staying in bed all weekend.

He closed his eyes and grumbled something uncomplimentary about his immune system and started back up the hill to the Rockbell Automail shop. When he was almost at the top he was met by Winry who was motioning him to the door, smiling with cheer.

“Hurry up!” she called.

He picked up his pace so he reached the door a little out of breath.

Winry smugly asked him if he was getting out of shape.

Ed gave her an irritated look and shook his head, pushing past her and into the main room.

He stopped with a stutter step, and looked back over his shoulder. “You’re kidding me, right?”

His childhood friend shoved past him and into the sitting room where several people were already grouped.

Was this the surprise Al had been talking about this morning? Because this wasn’t much of a surprise, more like a horrific nightmare that just wouldn’t go away.

He sulked in the doorway for the better part of five minutes before giving in and settling in a vacant corner of the room on the floor.

His brother was giving him that look – the look that said, ‘you’d better be civil, or else!’.

Ed didn’t particularly feel like being civil, he felt like lying down or banging his head into the floor until his headache went away. He briefly wondered if this was why he was feeling so cranky today.

Despite the fact that he wasn’t feeling so great, he was, in a roundabout way, happy to see Riza. Not Mustang. He wasn’t sure that he was ever happy to see that man. Even if that man had happened to help him out quite a bit…not to mention a few other things as well. Things he hadn’t even told Winry as of yet.

Briefly he wondered why the man was here – he knew Riza often visited them because she was friends with Winry, but the man wouldn’t come out here without a reason.

Perhaps he needed help. If that was it, he’d make the man pay! Or maybe make him suffer a bit. He frowned. Al would scold him in that case and it’d look bad...

Ed knew that whatever the man was here for could potentially be important so it would probably be in his best interest to listen to whatever Mustang was saying at the moment.

…or not, now that he was actually listening the man was just saying that he had come along to keep Hawkeye company. That was boring. Nothing interesting at all, in fact.

He leaned against the wall a little less irritated, and a little more disinterested than when he had come in.

Edward was always looking to get the upper hand on his former commanding officer, but it looked like today he wouldn’t be doing anything with that – the man was hardly saying anything in the first place.

Why was he looking over here? Ed scowled as the man glanced his direction. He hoped Mustang got the message that he wasn’t welcome here – at all. Hawkeye was. He liked Hawkeye, but right now he was slightly miffed at her for bringing the man she worked for with her.

If she was coming here, she didn’t need to bring company. They were company right?

Ed knew he shouldn’t be miffed at her, the man was her friend and they were close - did they come here to tell them something?

It was as if a light bulb went off in his head.

“Are you two getting married?!”

Four heads swiveled to look at him incredulously.

Riza patiently smiled at him in the manner that said ‘if you don’t answer me, I’m going to shoot you’ and asked. “What?”

He swallowed. “Never mind. It wasn’t that important.”

“That’s what I thought,” Hawkeye remarked, amusement tingeing her voice.

Mustang was looking far too amused for his own good and asked, “Jealous?”

Winry’s eyebrows shot up, Riza looked minimally confused and Al’s hand was over his mouth.

Ed glared. “Fuck off, Bastard.”

“I’m only asking because it simply seemed as if you were jealous. Now, I wonder what the reason for that could be…”

Ed muttered under his breath and looked away a faint blush erupting across his cheek bones.

He shifted uncomfortably under the scrutiny of the others in the room and did his best to ignore them. Not that it was easy with Winry looking at him like he’d grown two heads, Al who was still trying to muffle his laughter, Riza who was starting to understand, and the Bastard looking like he’d just won an award.

“Go to hell,” Ed snarled and stood up, stalking from the room in fury. Behind his back Al was making little motions for the older man to go and follow him.

Mustang laughed and got up to do the younger Elric’s bidding. When he left, both Winry and Riza looked at Al and asked, “What was that about?”

Al just smiled.

Ed had managed to get up to his room and about to close and lock the door, when a hand got in the way. The arm that it was attached to belonged to the man who he couldn’t quite trust at that moment.

“What is it?”

“We need to talk,” the man stated simply and slipped into the room without Ed’s say.

Ed turned his back on the man again, but he didn’t get far because a hand latched around his shoulder and pulled him around.

“You could at least look at me when we talk,” Mustang’s cool voice cut through the air.

“Yeah? And what good would that do me? Because every time we’re alone you get that smug look on your face and I know where your thoughts are going, so don’t even try acting innocent!”

“You’re not really mad,” Ed’s former commanding officer sounded smug again.

Ed ground his teeth together. “What makes you think so?”

“Well, first of all, you haven’t shaken off my hand yet, and second, your face is turning that bright red whenever you remember…”

Indeed, Edward’s face was flushing a bright red, but he didn’t pull away from the man’s hand.

“Roy…” Ed seemed to be trying to give a warning, but he wasn’t fast enough because Roy’s mouth was devouring him.

Ed made a stifled sound, but gave up quickly as Roy’s mouth was against his and it was far more distracting than it had any right to be.

The young man found his irritation fading fast as he looped an arm around Roy’s neck so he could draw him closer, and when he broke away for breath, he found himself staring into dark eyes that seemed to sear him to the bone.

He swallowed as Roy backed him towards the bed. “There are people downstairs!” he hissed, but it didn’t seem to dissuade Roy from his purpose.

Edward vaguely wondered if this was the real reason the man had decided to come down here, and if it was Ed was more than willing to forgive him.

Why was he forgiving the man again? He shouldn’t be forgiving the man – he should be pissed if sex was the only reason the man had come out here. He should be furious that he was a toy and controlled by the whims of Roy Mustang.

Once again irritated, Ed pushed him away frowning. “No. I’m not doing this again only for you to leave and when you get bored in Central to come back here. No.”

Roy’s mouth thinned. “You think I’m doing this because I’m bored.” It was a statement, not a question and it was as if Roy was getting more and more furious.

“I’m not doing this because I’m bored. I thought you might want to spend some time with me, because, we are seeing each other casually, aren’t we? But from the reactions of your family I’d say that they don’t know anything about what’s going on between the two of us.”

“Hawkeye didn’t know either,” Ed sneered.

“She’s not family. At least I told mine.”

Ed pushed back and headed to his door. “Yeah, well. It’s not as if I need you anyways. You’re free to leave anytime you like if you don’t like how I go about my business.”

Roy sat on the bed and watched as the young man paced away from the door. “I don’t want to leave, and I’m not bored, nor are you some toy, you are a friend, my lover, so why do you fear telling your family?”

Ed grumped for a moment before sitting next to Roy on the bed. “I don’t fear telling them, I’m just not sure how to tell them. How do I tell them that we’re just occasional sex partners? How do you tell your little brother and the girl he likes that you’re not interested in a serious relationship because you’re currently involved with someone else who has multiple lovers?”

Roy was staring at him. “Is that what you think? You think I’m seeing other women while you’re here?”

“Yeah, aren’t you?”

“Edward.” Roy was amused now. “You’re the only one who is currently warming my bed. I haven’t touched a soul in the whole time we’ve been seeing each other. Like I said, you’re my lover, you’re not a random person I’m having sex with. You’re you. You’re undeniably the one person I can’t seem to get out of my mind. The only person I wouldn’t dare take another lover at the same time as having you in my bed. I can promise you that.”

The golden haired man was watching him, eyes looking down at the bedspread, not speaking.


“Oh,” the exclamation was uttered almost silently as he looked up. “Oh,” he whispered again.

Roy’s mouth turned up at the corners. “ ‘oh,’ indeed.”

Ed leaned forward almost imperceptibly, and kissed Roy. “Guess we can continue then.”

“I don’t think so.” Roy replied as he kissed the young man back.

“Why not?”

“Ed, you’re halfway to delirious and you’re probably running a fever.”


Roy just laughed and shook his head.

“You haven’t changed a bit, Edward. Your recklessness will get you killed.”

“Not if you’re there to protect me.”

Roy couldn’t help but laugh and fold Ed into his arms, “Yes. Are you going to come back to Central with me?”

This time Ed laughed, “What do you think?”

“I think, there’s only one answer I need to hear.”

“Then, I guess you know my answer.” Ed shrugged and pressed a kiss to Roy’s chin. “Can we continue now?”

This time they both laughed together.