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06 February 2011 @ 10:33 am
fic: hand  

Author:  meredavey
Rating: G
Spoilers: None. Just...Ed being ed. 
Warnings: none
Pairings: none - just Ed.
Summary: Recklessness was gone and he was free. 
Notes: Just what I thought might happen when Ed turned in his State Alchemist Watch. Prompts: Hand. Well. It’s 200 words of pure…Ed. Ed. Ed. Yep. Ed. And a bit of Roy. Sorry folks, no Roy/Ed in this one.

Sometimes he wondered where he was headed Sometimes he second guessed himself when he thought no one was looking. Sometimes he didn’t tell the whole truth. Sometimes he pretended he knew what he was doing. Sometimes he felt like just giving up. Sometimes taking the easier route seemed logical.



But, he knew that he might never know where he was headed, that when he second guessed himself he was giving thought to an action, that by not telling the whole truth he was becoming strategic, that pretending to know was a good ploy, that giving up was normal.

But more than that, the easier route didn’t mean good results.

He, Edward Elric, had matured. He had gained experience and adulthood in a way that others would see as traumatic.

Yet, he took this trauma and turned it back on itself; turned it into energy and blasted towards his goal.

He knew all this.

But it was after he’d turned his watch in and signed the papers; it was after he stood up to leave.

As he shook Roy Mustang’s hand, his didn’t feel so small anymore.

“Good luck.”

He smiled. He didn’t need luck. All he needed was his will power to continue.