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10 January 2011 @ 08:24 pm

Author:  meredavey
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers: None really, this is just to amuse myself. [I should be working on the Big Bang, but this kinda just grabbed me after I watched…stuff.
Warnings: none, angst [synthrax says this is cavity-inducing. So thank you for the other warning] I love cavity inducing things
Pairings: Roy/Ed,
Summary: Really, how did Fullmetal get them into these messes?
Notes:*cough(p)cough(i)cough(r)cough(a)cough(t)coughs(e)cough(s) I don’t think what happens in here is quite possible, but well, I couldn’t resist. For the prompt Commit.

Really, what had he been thinking when Fullmetal had called him to say, ‘I need you to see this.’?

Oh, no, he most certainly hadn’t been expecting this. In fact, he could kill the little brat for this.

As a general he had a bit more leniency, and so, he had taken a week off (he’d needed a break, and the former Fullmetal Alchemist had gone West, and he had been invited to visit. He’d found the boy wasn’t so much a boy anymore)

But this! This was ridiculous!

He scowled at the beaming young man. At twenty-two he’d have thought Edward would have matured. But, apparently not.

Edward looked triumphant and slightly smug at his ability to coerce his former commanding officer out here – to the sea. Which was pretty if you took it out of the context he was in now.

Because, really, if he hadn’t said it before, he’d say it again, the boy was trouble.

Though, he had to give Edward points, only he could have done something like this without thinking of the consequences.

And he was being completely unhelpful at this moment in time. He was – he was – what was he doing?

He wasn’t going to look. He wasn’t going to join in the shouting; he was not going to get involved with these people. That was by far the nicest word he could use on them. Because they were scumbags for the most part and what had possessed Ed to even join them?

Oh, that’s right, his innate curiosity. That’s what.

Ed joined him on the – bow? – of the boat and poked his shoulder. “You’re not having fun?” he asked.

Roy stared at him. “When I agreed to come out West and see you, I thought that we’d be relaxing. Not becoming pirates.”

Ed smiled cheerfully, “Oh, come on! This is fun too, isn’t it?”

Roy knocked on the side of Edward’s head.

“What are you doing?” the young man asked.

“Checking to see if your head’s made of wood.”

“What - ? Oh! Hey! That’s not nice!”

“Edward, really, who thinks a vacation is sailing on a pirate ship?!

Ed shrugged. “I thought it might be fun.”

“Fun?!” Roy’s voice was strangled.

He cocked his head to the side and stared at Roy with mild confusion and complete – the boy was going to die. Oh, he was most definitely going to die.

He was teasing him! Roy itched to strangle the boy until he choked or begged for mercy. But that wouldn’t be very nice, and he did like Alphonse, and if Alphonse was to be nice to him, he had to make sure his older brother came back in one piece.

He sighed and shook his head.

“You win, we can take a trip.”

Ed’s grin was completely worth it more so when he raised his hand to the back of Roy’s neck and pulled him down into a kiss.

When the jeering started he felt Ed’s mouth twitch into a grin against his before he pulled away.

Roy touched the Edward’s cheek gently and smiled. “Only for you, always for you.”

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