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31 January 2010 @ 01:47 am
Past Times; FMA Oneshot  
Title: Past Times
Author: meredavey
Rating: PG
Spoilers: manga series
Pairings: Hughes/Gracia & Roy/Gracia [past&present]
Summary: He would have married her. He really would have.

Notes:Some people on the FMA Mangafox forum were talking about Gracia/Hughes. And what do you know? I’ve actually written it. My first hetero, non-Roy/Ed pairing. *weeps* It's a little drabble though.

Maes had been his best friend for a long time when he had met Gracia, or so it seemed. Gracia had been pretty, yes, even he had seen that. Hughes had seen the women he wanted to marry, and Roy had let it slip by him.</p>


At Hughes wedding, Roy who had been the best man was inebriated with a bit much champagne announced that if Maes hadn’t married Gracia, “I certainly would have!”


At the time they had laughed it off, thinking of it as a simple joke. But Roy had been truthful; he might have married Gracia had he felt like marrying at the time. It was right after Ishbal however, and he was still a wreck and hadn’t wanted to put that on anybody, not even his best friend.


So, when Gracia and Maes had their daughter, he allowed Elysia to address him as “Uncle Roy!” and was dubbed her godfather. He found that he was very proud that he had been allowed to take part in such a special time in his friend’s life.


And later, when Hughes died, Roy stepped in, through his grief and tried to help Gracia as much as possible. He often played with Elysia, or took her out, told her stories in his free time. He knew that Gracia was grieving, that the pain was almost unbearable. He felt it too, had felt it for a while. He consoled her with chaste kisses and light dinners, and sometimes lunches, but he would never be Maes.


He hadn’t been joking when he said he’d have married Gracia. He would have. He would marry her now if he could, but it wasn’t reasonable. Because there was much this country needed, and he could not attain that with a family. And if he were to die…no, Gracia did not need to be widowed a second time.


He might have married her. He really would.


But he hopes that someone else can love her more than he.


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