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25 November 2009 @ 02:54 pm
 Summary: Mornings were the best times.

It was a warm feeling that enveloped Edward as he lay in bed soaking up the sun. It glittered against his hair and highlighted his more angular features. Lying there, he could have been an angel, easily enough, he could have been the devil because he rolled over and shoved at the man sleeping next to him.

"Mmm. Roy. Get up. I'm hungry."

"Ed," the sleepy man grumbled, "it's still early, and it's Sunday. Let me sleep."

Ed pushed at the older man again, this time so he could snuggle up into the man's chest.

"Hmf." He snorted in annoyance. "You just don't want to get up."

"Yes," Roy remarked nuzzling his nose into the younger man's neck, and planted a kiss there, "because I have my lover in my arms."

Ed turned and pressed his face to Roy's chest and mumbled.

"I can't hear you Ed."

"I said, I don't want to get up either," he paused with embarrassment, "because I'm really happy right now. You make me happy."

Onyx eyes gazed down at him partly in amusement and partly in delight. "I'm glad," he finally said in the silence.

Edward opened his golden eyes and looked up, content and smiled sleepily. "Good. I don't think I could sleep without you anymore."

Roy's laugh was low and deep, and when it rumbled through his body, it also shook Ed. His arms tightened around the younger man, drawing him closer to where he could plant another kiss on the young man.

Sleep seemed to dissolve with that kiss, all hot and sweet and desire that burned in their bodies. It made their tongues that much more sensitive, their teeth and lips much more gentle, and when they fell into a rhythm, it was slow and smooth, so unlike other times which were often rushed or hurried.

And when they lay still, sprawled across the bed, bodies limp and drowsy, Ed cuddled into Roy's arms murmuring softly, and Roy just held him.

Yawning, Roy simply closed his eyes and let Ed bask in the warmth he had found.