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25 November 2009 @ 02:52 pm
Having Fun  
 Summary: Days may be routine, but they're never boring either, in fact, he more than loves them.

The office, Ed thought wryly, was always interesting. He knew he could count on the fact that somehow Havoc would piss of Hawkeye and Fuery would allow Black Hayate near Breda who would flip out and make Falman complain he was disturbing work. Al would probably be hiding a kitten somewhere, and then when the noise decibel rose, Mustang would throw his door open and start yelling to "keep it down."

Hawkeye would agree but tell him sleeping wasn't doing work. Mustang would grouch and slink back into his office to "work".

Not long after, the noise would lower into soft murmurs a game of cards would begin when Hawkeye would go off to do whatever she did.

And as they played, Ed would begin to cheat (and eventually lose). At that point he would start screaming and again, Mustang's door would be thrown open and he'd be commanded to enter and "be quiet until I finish".

He would sit quietly until Mustang looked up an acknowledged his presence. For a moment he would stare, eyes roving over the young man's body and beckon him around his desk.

When Edward would be standing in front of him, the older man would rise and stare him down, quite skillfully too, but Ed would stare back just as well.

Slowly, much too slowly for Ed's liking, Mustang would lower his head and kiss him. Kiss him breathless, steal all the sounds that emerged from his throat and seem to eat them. He would tilt Ed's head back and kiss his jaw, his temple and then his forehead murmuring nonsense into the golden haired boy's ear.

Then the older man would turn away, and leave Ed there, delighted and annoyed.

After the kiss, Ed would sleep on the couch for a half hour, then get up and leave.

And when he left, the office all gave him knowing smiles, but Edward pretended they didn't know.

Lunch would happen around here and the office would become a full-blown party with all sorts of food being thrown (and it would take a good half hour to pick everything up) and Hawkeye would have returned and annoyance would be on her face, and she'd glare at them all until they started their work.

At six, Mustang would breeze out of his office with a goodbye to his unit…leaving them to romp for a little more before finishing paperwork before heading home.

Edward would linger for a while longer, watching Hawkeye pack up everything before locking the office.

She would turn to him and bid Ed a goodnight, telling him to take care of himself. He would smile and agree.

Lastly, he would tell Al goodnight and hug his brother, glad that he was here with him.

And finally, he would go home, slipping in the door to be greeted with a kiss by his lover.

Roy would pull him into his arms and hold him, telling him that he missed him and to, "eat dinner" before they headed off to bed.

It was routine and would begin again the next day with the occasional changes due to missions, holidays or sickness.

And it certainly was fun.