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16 December 2012 @ 11:50 pm
Title: Pillar
Author: meredavey
Rating: G, PG?
Warnings: extreme fluffffffffff, and my first time really writing this pairing. x_x
Spoilers: None...I don't think.
Characters/Pairings: Roy Mustang/Riza Hawkeye, Edward Elric
Summary: Riza thinks about things at the shooting range and Edward makes a special appearance.
Author's Notes: This is *probably* my first time really writing this pairing, and I'm not exactly comfortable with it due to the fact my main pairing is Roy/Ed. So any feedback is welcome.

Riza held her gun cocked at an angle as she aimed down the shooting range. She cleared her mind and focused on the simple task, press the trigger, release, relax your arm, repeat. She’d had enough practice to go through those steps without much thought. Instead her mind wandered to her commanding officer, best friend, husband. She couldn’t keep the small yet secretive smile off her face as she reloaded her gun.

Right now she knew he was busy catching up with the former Fullmetal Alchemist who had come for a visit. She’d seen him briefly – cheerful, taller, shining – before she’d taken off for the gun range.

She’d forgotten how - her brow crinkled briefly as she thought about Edward -  rambunctious, vibrant he was. She’d missed that liveliness in the office sometimes, stubborn, bullheaded Edward who never let anything go, and Roy too, stubborn, manipulative but all the same he had a kindness in him that he hid.

Hers. She thought. Roy was hers, body, soul and mind. And she was his. She’d protect him with her last breath and she knew he’d do the same.

Love. Such a strange concept, but she loved him all the same. She didn’t know how anyone couldn’t love him. She supposed that his cold façade put most people off.

But…she and Maes had always been able to see through that, to the fire that burned within him. He was the pillar of flame that gave off warmth; that drew his friends and family close, the pillar of flame that protected them from harm.

She smiled as Roy approached from the left, Edward tagging along at his heels, smiling and waving, but his own genius brilliance was outshined by Roy’s calm fire as he smiled her smile.