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14 March 2011 @ 10:28 pm
story time; fma random fic spam  
 Title: Story Time
Author: meredavey
Rating: PG
Spoilers: None. 
Warnings: none. 
Pairings: Roy/Ed
Summary: Ed is not impressed. Roy is amused.
Notes: writers choice celtic, part of my prompt table.  I don’t really know what happened here. I think I’ve been studying too many Celtic things in school. Heh. Just a short drabble.

In a time long gone there were people who live in tribes across many nations who expanse crossed far and wide. They were people who spoke an ancient tongue that no longer exists today. In fact, the only form of it left are the very modified symbols of alchemy. These people were known as Celts. Many of them were wanderers, not sticking to one home, but rather moving and experimenting with nature, worshipping it. They were known for their artistic talents - their illuminated manuscripts and their warrior skills with the sword. Their burials were elaborate and envied by others who desired their wealth, who wanted to conquer them and steal it all. Even their own people desired their wealth, and often tried to steal it. Within this ancient universe it was normal for two men to be lovers, to love each other rather than a woman, but it was also dangerous because of the Invaders. Eadbhárd and Ròidh were two such people. Eadbhárd was one of the most respected - because he was one of the few who had the talent to create a manuscript full of beauty and knowledge. It was widely accepted that he was by far the most unique. Ròidh however was a warrior, one of those who protected the people. He fought bravely, albeit it was mostly for his beloved, Eadbhárd. When Eadbhárd became completely engrossed in his work he more often than not forgot to eat, and his lover would be left having to take care of him and remind him that it was time to eat -
“Very funny, Roy.” Edward scowled.
Roy just laughed and replied, “I thought so.”
He didn’t manage to move quickly enough before Edward punched him in the shoulder.